Digital Designer

Making car insurance easier and more exciting to manage


Interface Design Guidelines

Create and deliver a series of company- specific design guidelines to be adhered to by all teams. These guidelines help to maintain a consistent and delightful experience for customers.  The documentation practice for this was accomplished through design team and stakeholder collaboration.


Making it easier and clearer to locate the information customers need when they need it most. My research and recommendations helped to reduce a lengthy documentation request process by streamlining and removing potential for interpretation uncertainty.

GEICO Umbrella Policy

Multiple small-samples user testing was conducted to ensure the proposed redesigns of a difficult to understand and ofttimes overlooked policy offering was more accessible. Recommendations directed design toward a multi-layer, single entry point method for viewing and managing complex policy information.

Legacy Services Interface Update

Internal customer interviews were conducted on a legacy interface to drive and envision the future of a highly detailed service interface. The end result is a cleaner, more streamlined interface. This offered a faster, more easily navigable interface that was less prone to operator error by way of workload reduction (reduced memory loading).

Accomplishments at GEICO:

  • Positioned GEICO insurance app as the #1 highest rated and most used insurance app on the market (2015- present).

  • Produced and curated the GEICO interface design guidelines. With this standardization, design team efficiency increased (+35% YoY) and development cycle time was shortened (-10% time per sprint)

  • Reduced post-launch design and development revisions (-20% time per sprint)

  • Improved customer satisfaction ratings (+14% YoY)