User Experience Researcher. Highly self-motivated and extremely detail oriented. Proficient in both formative and summative research of the quantitative and qualitative spectrum. Strives to find creative and unique methods to solve for both simple and extremely complex or niche issues.


The app helps health workers identify and obtain the most critical information to assess and mitigate health risks; distribute these data in a secure and curated way, and optimize cross-organizational resource allocation.

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We describe the Adaptive Interface Management System (AIMS), an intelligent adaptive delegation interface for controlling and monitoring multiple unmanned vehicles, with a mixed-initiative team model language.

Ewart J. de Visser, et al., Best of Both Worlds: Design and Evaluation of an Adaptive Delegation Interface,
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The goal of this experiment was to examine individual’s ability to follow tactile route guidance instructions in a driving setting as well as to better understand participant’s subjective, preferred vibrotactile route guidance system.

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